Head Coach Xavier Cowans
Junior Varsity Pee Wee

Coaching Philosophy

My Coaching Philosophy hangs its hat on being able to:

1. Focus on the areas of greatest leverage on our opponents
2. Continue to put in a volume of work (Repetition)
3. Lastly, continue to improve and move ahead, instead of falling into routine and pattern once we reach a certain level on and off the field.

Lakewood Jr. Spartans
Head Coach – Xavier Cowans (Bio)

Coaching Philosophy

I’m a strong believer in developing young men first and football players second, as football is an excellent tool for teaching fundamental and important life skills. Dedicating myself to teaching over coaching has allowed me to commit myself as a student of this game. Being a student of the game has grown my knowledge to better teach not only players but coaches who fall under my leadership. My dedication to mentorship and coaching has given me the opportunity to be just a small piece of shaping the life of our youth.

Coaching Career

Coach Cowans begin his coaching career in 2004 with the Town n Country Packers of the TBYFL. In 2004 he served as the Offensive Coordinator, continued on as Head Coach for the 2005 and 2006 season before joining the SYFC. In 2007 Coach Cowans started out as an Assistant Offensive Coordinator for Pinellas Park Thunderbirds Varsity Peewee. In 2008 he was the Assistant Offensive Coordinator for Varsity Mighty Mites, also serving as Offensive Coordinator for the 2009 and 2010 seasons. In 2011 Coach Xavier moved back to the Varsity Peewee Division as Offensive Coordinator before taking his first Head Coach Position on JV Midget in 2012. After six seasons with the Pinellas Park Thunderbirds, coach spent the next four seasons with the Northeast Bandits. In 2013, serving as Head coach for JV Peewee and Head Coach for Varsity Peewee in the 2014 and 2015 seasons. In his last season with the Northeast Bandits, coach was the Offensive Coordinator for the JV Mighty Mites in 2016. Also as a Bandit, Coach served on the board as Field Coordinator, Assist Athletic Director and Athletic Director. Coach credits a lot of his Coaching Career and Philosophies to his coaching mentors Coach Brinson former HC of Boca Ciega High School and Coach Wheeler former HC of Dixie Hollins High School.

2016: OC – JVMM: Northeast Bandits – Championship Finalist

2014: HC – VPW: Northeast Bandits – Playoff Appearance

2013: HC – JVPW: Northeast Bandits – Championship Finalist

2012: HC – JVMID: Pinellas Park Thunderbirds – Championship Finalist