Head Coach Sharrod Brown
Junior Varsity Mighty Mites

Coaching Philosophy

I am a firm believer that once you acquire knowledge, it is our civic responsibility to pass it on to the younger generations. I also believe that by participating in youth sports not only builds character but also confidence and gives the children a sense of accomplishment. It also prepares children for life; teaching them about teamwork and how to be a team player. Children also have the opportunity to build relationships and bonds that have the ability to bring them out of their “shell” and also to shine as they explore their talents.

Head Coach – Sharrod Brown (Bio)
Head Coach – Sharrod Brown (Bio)

Coaching Career

Sharrod Brown started his coaching career in 2010 under Bobby “Rooster” Daniels. Brown coached under Daniels for 2 years. In 2010 Brown served as the WR/Special Teams coach. While under the direction of Daniels, Brown was able to acquire key knowledge pertaining to offensive strategies. During the 2010 season, Daniels promoted Brown to serve as Interim HC for 2 games in which Brown was able to lead the team to victory.

During the 2011 football season, Brown served on Daniels staff as the WR Coach where he was able to work hands on with Toledo Freshman WRAdrian Adams. After the 2011 season, Brown decided that he wanted to pursue a HC position after receiving superior guidance for 2 years from Daniels.

Lakewood Varsity Midgets 2010 (CHAMPIONS
Position: WR coach/ Special Teams

 Lakewood Varsity Midgets 2011
Position: WR Coach/ Special Teams