Head Coach Charles Harris
Varsity Mighty Mites

Coaching Philosophy

“Leading for the benefits of others is a much more compelling and powerful motivation than leading to get ahead or hit an arbitrary target.”

Lakewood Jr. Spartans
Head Coach – Charles Harris (Bio)


Started my coaching career in 2005 at the Lakewood Jr Spartans.  I was an assistant coach for one season.  My head coaching career started in 2006.  I was the head coach of the JFW#2 (2006-2014)  The impact that kids had on my life was great.  I always had an impact on the players.  Some of the coaches I looked up to at Lakewood Jr Spartans were Wes Brown, Coach Benjamin, Coach Mike, and Coach Rick Coleman.  These coaches taught me a lot on how to hold myself as a man on and off the field.  There were a lot of others who helped me get better at coaching on the field;  Coach Rooster, Coach Rick Ross, Coach Phil, and Coach Green.  Derrick Williams was one of the reasons I wanted to join the board, so from 2009-2011 I was the A.D. at Lakewood Jr Spartans.  In 2015, I decided to leave Lakewood Jr Spartans to coach for the St Pete Lil Devils, an organization that I use to play for as a youth.  I was the JVPW head coach, I needed help coaching so I called on Coach Rooster to become my offensive coordinator.  We won a championship that year.  In 2016, I was the defensive coordinator for the VPWS @ ST. PETE and we had a great season.  In 2017, I decided to return home where I belong,  I am the Lakewood Jr Spartans Varsity Might Mite Head Coach.

Over the years, I have become a better person in life.  This is why I know the impact we as coaches have on these young people’s lives is huge.  We all love to win but there is something more important than winning.  It is that football is a game, life is real.  Let’s be better every day.  See you around the wood.