Head Coach Bobby Daniels
Varsity Midgets

“Coach Rooster”

You can change lives with a single word, a single pat on the back, and a single conversation that says “I believe in you.”

Bobby Daniels Edited
Head Coach – Bobby Daniels “Coach Rooster” (Bio)

Coaching Philosophy

Football is a game that has intrigued me since I was a young boy. I have always loved the game of football, and probably always will. I believe to be successful you must lead by example that I set forth for the young men that I am coaching. I truly believe that a coach’s philosophy is an important ingredient that all coaches utilize — whether they know it or not. It’s important to recognize, embrace, and refine your coaching philosophy. It will guide you, humble you, keep you focused, give your team an identity, and make you a better coach.

Coaching Career

Bobby Daniels started his coaching career in 2001 at the Azalea Bulldogs. He coached at AZ as an Assistant Coach until 2002. In 2003, he decided to coach with an organization that was near his neighborhood. Therefore, he made Lakewood Jr. Spartans his home from 2003-2012. During this time “Coach Rooster” has been very successful as an assistant coach, head coach, and mentor at LJS. He had the opportunity to groom many of his assistant coaches to become head coaches throughout the conference. He had a huge everlasting impacted on the lives of his players. The majority of the players who were under his wings went on to play at high school and college levels. In 2013, he decided to take a year off but that didn’t last too long. He returned in 2015 as an assistant coach with the St. Pete Lil Devils. Once again, he proved that he was an asset to any organization because the SPLD JVPW team went undefeated and won the SYFC Championship. In 2016, he took his coaching gifts to the Northeast Bandits, as an assistant coach, on the Varsity Peewee division with his good childhood friend, Ronald Hemingway. Now, 2017, Coach Rooster has returned home to continue his legacy and mentor the youth in our football community.

2004 LAKEWOOD JV PEEWEE – Head Coach



2015 ST.PETE LIL DEVILS JV PW – Assistant Coach